Installing Dispatch on Windows Vista

There are are a two issues that arise when installing Dispatch 1.5 on a PC that uses the Windows Vista operating systems.

Issue 1

The first issue that you will encounter is that the Dispatch setup program is not digitally signed. When you open the setup file you will be presented with the following warning message:

This is not unusual. Essentially Vista is complaining that the file you downloaded may not be the original file that we uploaded to our website. Many setup programs are not digitally signed primarily due to the costs associated with digital certificates. We do provide MD5 checksum information that can be used to verify that the file that you have downloaded is the one that we uploaded to our website.

To continue running the setup, click Run.

Next you will see an additional warning advising you not to run software that is of unknown origin (excellent advise by the way). Click Allow to continue installing Dispatch.

Issue 2

An error occurs when the ActiveX control that we use for reporting (psdwe.ocx) is registered by the installation program.

Click Close the program to close the message box.

Contrary to what the message box below indicates, the control does get registered correctly and the error can be be safely ignored.

Click Ignore to continue with the installation.

You can also register the psdwe.ocx ActiveX control manually to be 100% sure that it is installed correctly.

  1. Click Start > All Programs > Accessories
  2. Right click Command Prompt and the click Run as administrator
  3. In the command window type cd \Program Files\CanScale\Dispatch1.5\System
  4. To register the control type regsvr32 psdwe.ocx and press Enter
  5. Windows will display a message box that confirms that the control was registered correctly

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