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System requirements

Dispatch is a Windows® application that must be installed and run on a computer capable of running one of Microsoft's Windows operating systems.

Please keep the following in mind: you may experience problems with this product if your hardware, software and printer do not meet the minimum requirements suggested in this document.


A computer capable of running Microsoft Windows®

100 MB of available hard-disk space for Dispatch

A Windows compatible printer

One serial port (RS232 or USB with an RS232 adapter)

SVGA display capable of displaying at a resolution of at least 800x600 pixels

The amount of RAM required depends on the version of Windows that you are using. We recommend that you have at least twice as much RAM as the minimum amount of RAM recommended by Microsoft.

Operating system

Dispatch is compatible with the following versions of Windows:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP (Home or Professional).
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
Dispatch has been designed and tested for use with 32-bit versions of Windows and it is a 32-bit application.

It is possible to run Dispatch on a system that is configured to the minimum requirements of the Windows operating system you will be using. However, we do not recommend that you follow Microsoft’s suggestions as to what constitutes minimum requirements as you will likely find that your system is incredibly slow and frustrating to operate.

Ticket printer

Dispatch can print tickets and reports on any Windows compatible printer.

To print tickets on multi-part paper, you require a dot-matrix printer - we recommend the Okidata Microline 320/321 Turbo printers. If you will be doing a lot of report printing, we recommend that you purchase a laser, ink jet or bubble jet printer to use as a dedicated report printer.

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